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This is a list of flooring that you can obtain in the game Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can mix and match any type of flooring and wallpaper that you like, but this list contains which wallpaper belongs to which type of flooring best. Matching flooring and wallpaper will also score you a lot of points with the HRA and will make your room look put together. For a list of wallpapers, look here.

[edit] Where can I find flooring?

You can find flooring in different places:

[edit] Flooring List

Name of Flooring Matching Wallpaper Buying Price (Bells) Selling Price (Bells) Obtain From
Exotic Rug Exotic Wall 1,820 455 Tom Nook's Shop
Lovely Carpet Lovely Wall 1,980 495 Tom Nook's Shop
Classic Carpet Classic Wall 2,300 575 Tom Nook's Shop
Ranch Flooring Ranch Wall 1,750 438 Tom Nook's Shop
Cabana Flooring Cabana Wall 1,680 420 Tom Nook's Shop
Blue Flooring Blue Wall 1,580 395 Tom Nook's Shop
Modern Tile Modern Wall 1,540 385 Tom Nook's Shop
Regal Carpet Regal Wall 2,850 713 Tom Nook's Shop
Green Rug Green Wall 1,540 385 Tom Nook's Shop
Cabin Rug Cabin Wall 1,540 385 Tom Nook's Shop
Kiddie Carpet Kiddie Wall 1,630 408 Tom Nook's Shop
Robo-Floor Robo-Wall 2,400 600 Tom Nook's Shop
Snowman Carpet Snowman Wall Not For Sale N/A Snowman
Forest Floor Forest Wall Not For Sale N/A Picking Mushrooms

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