Fossil-Hunting is one of the many different activities in the Animal Crossing Series among Bug-Catching and Fishing. When compared to the latter activities, Fossil-Hunting proves to be the most worthwhile as it earns your Player much more Bells in a single run on a much more common basis than Fishing and Bug-Catching ever could. However, this action proves to be the most time-consuming as a result since fossils are rarely found.

[edit] The Basics

[edit] Shovel

The Shovel as it appears in your Inventory

The Shovel is the all-around tool that must be used in order to partake in this activity, obviously enough. The upside to Fossil-Hunting is that the challenge is derived solely from finding your target, without the possibility of a nagging flee. When a fossil is found, it will show up just as any other buried item would: in the shape of a star etched into the earth. Simply dig it up as you would anything else and you've successfully uncovered a fossil.

[edit] Locations

The fossil item as it appeared in Animal Crossing

The difficulty and time-consumption which comes from Fossil-Hunting has to do mainly with the fact that they can literally be found anywhere throughout the whole of your Town. From the grass near the Town Hall to the soggy sands of the beach's shore, these helpful items can easily be missed if one isn't giving full attention. Therefore, this activity, along with Fishing and Bug-Catching, require a noticable degree of patience.

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