Fossils (ACWW)

Fossils are items that you can dig up with a shovel in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Look for star shaped cracks in the ground, dig in that spot, and you may get a fossil! You should identify it with Blathers first, and then decide if you want to keep it fot your house, donate it to the Museum, or sell it to Tom Nook.

[edit] Different Dinosaurs

When you donate fossils to the museum, they are placed in the dinosaur exhibit. When you collect lots of parts of the same dinosaur, the whole skeleton will soon be complete. There are about 20 different dinosaurs to build up.

[edit] Fossil Feng Shui

Fossils and pieces of dinosaurs are worth a high feng shui value, and greatly enhance the room's Happy Room Academy value. Which is an amazing outlook

[edit] Fossils List

Ankylo Skull3000
Ankylo Tail2500
Ankylo Torso3000
Apato Skull5000
Apato Tail4000
Apato Torso4500
Dimetrodon Skull 5500
Dimetrodon Tail4500
Dimetrodon Torso5000
Dino Droppings1100
Dinosaur Egg1400
Dinosaur Track1000
Fern Fossil1000
Iguanodon Skull4000
Iguanodon Tail3000
Iguanodon Torso3500
Mammoth Skull3000
Mammoth Torso2500
Pachy Skull4000
Pachy Tail3000
Pachy Torso3500
Parasaur Skull3500
Parasaur Tail2500
Parasaur Torso3500
Peking Man1100
Plesio Neck4500
Plesio Skull4500
Plesio Torso4500
Ptera Torso4000
Ptera Left Wing4500
Ptera Right Wing4500
Ptera Skull2500
Sabertooth Skull2500
Sabertooth Torso2000
Seismo Chest4500
Seismo Hip4000
Seismo Skull5000
Seismo Tail4500
Shark Tooth1000
Stego Skull5000
Stego Tail4000
Stego Torso4500
Tricera Skull5500
Tricera Tail4500
Tricera Torso5000
T-Rex Skull6000
T-Rex Tail5000
T-Rex Torso5500

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