Getting Started (ACCF)


Before you can start you precious life in Animal Crossing: City Folk, you must first complete some things that take a little bit of time. When you start up the game, the first thing that you will do is talk to Rover the Cat. He's a happy - go - lucky animal that is all set and ready to help you get started in your new life. Rover will ask you if you would rather start a new, fresh life or if you would like to import your Animal Crossing: Wild World data from the Nintendo DS to the Wii.


[edit] Importing From Wild World

If you do decide to import your Wild World data to City Folk, then you get to keep your catalog and how your character looks. Rover will set everything up for you, so be sure that that you are ready with you Nintendo DS in hand!

[edit] Bus Ride

After you talk to Rover, you will soon be told that the bus is here! Kapp'n will be driving you to your destination and Rover is along for the ride. Along the way there, Rover will ask you important questions.

[edit] Time

The very first question that Rover will ask you is "What time is it?" Using your Wiimote, set the correct day, time, and year. Make sure that you choose AM or PM appropriately. After you fill this out, Rover will want to confirm it with you. If it is right, say so and move on to the next questions.

[edit] Name

Rover doesn't even know your name yet after all of that excitement! He will ask you what it is and then a special keyboard will pop up on screen. Use your Wiimote or a USB keyboard to type in your name that you will want to use. When you are ready to move on, click "Done" and confirm your name with Rover. After doing this, you will have an option of choosing cute or cool. Cute will make you a girl, while choosing cool will make you a boy.

[edit] Town Name

Next up, Rover asks where you are going. This is your chance to name your town whatever you feel like. However, there is an eight character limit to what your town name can be. The keyboard will pop up once again - you know what to do. This will be what everyone will know your town as.

[edit] Almost There!

Rover will ask you more questions, such as "How much money do you have" and " Are you excited about living on your own?". However, what you probably don't know is that these questions are actually determining what your character's facial details and shirt are going to look like. If you are positive and happy, then you will probably end up with upbeat features. However, if you are negative, you might not be happy when you step off of that bus. Rover will then tell you that you should visit the Town Hall when you arrive and shows you a map of your town. If you don't like it, now is the time to reset and try again.

[edit] You're there!

Rover announces that your journey together is over. You hop off the bus at the bus stop and arrive in your brand new town. You are eager to explore, but remember what Rover told you, check in with the Town Hall. They have some advice to lead you in the right direction!

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