Girl's Day Updo

Girl's Day Updo
PriceAround 1,265 Bells
Countries AvailableJapan

The Girl's Day Updo is an item that characters can place on their head and wear as a wig. It is the third Downloadable Content that Nintendo has released. The Girl's Day Updo is also known as a empress' tiara.

[edit] Appearance

The wig's hair is brown and is pulled back, and right in the middle of it is the tiara. The tiara is golden and has a loops and the bottom where is catches the hair, and it also has two sideways loops that support the top of the tiara which resembles a hand with only three fingers.

[edit] Release Date

Japan: March 3 - 15th, 2009.

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The reason that Nintendo decided to release this DLC to Japan was to celebrate the Japanese Doll Festival, also known as Girl's Day or Hinamatsuri. It signifies people displaying dolls in the Heian period.

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