Goliath Beetle

Goliath Beetle
Goliath Beetle.png
Scientific NameGoliathus giganteus
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
LocationClinging to palm tree trunks.
Date AvailabilityJune - September
Time Availability6pm - 8am
Sales Price6,000 Bells

The Goliath Beetle is another impressively rare and physically amazing breed of beetle that has been featured in the recent installments of the Animal Crossing series, while it didn’t have a chance to make it to the original version for the GCN.


[edit] How to Catch

As probably one of the rarest of every breed of beetle featured in this franchise, the Goliath Beetle is most understandably the most sensitive to sound out of all of it’s tree-clinging species, which is more than likely what lends to it’s rarity and high-selling price at Nook’s. Unlike regular beetles, the elusive yet large Goliath Beetle can only be found on the side of palm trees residing at the beach’s edge, so extra alertness must be taken in order to encounter these specimens.

[edit] Player

This is what your player says when you catch a Goliath Beetle:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

I caught a Goliath Beetle! It's... GOLIATH!

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

I caught a Goliath Beetle! GOOOOOOOOOLIATH!

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Menu

When looking at the Goliath Beetle in the bug menu it will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

The largest of its kind, they're also good fliers.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

The largest of its kind in the world, these can fly like birds.

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Museum

If you donate this bug to the Museum, Blathers will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

Horned beetles are said to be the largest of the beetle families, wot? Indeed, in some regions, this is the largest beetle on record. It certainly has the largest repulsiveness quota. Hardly something to brag about...

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

Goliath beetles are a variety of fruit beetle with a very long scientific name. As stands to reason, given their name, these beetles are incredibly strong. Beyond that morsel of knowledge, I know little, because they utterly REPULSE me...

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Real Life

The Goliath Beetle is quite a ravenous creature, being able to stomach substances such as rock hard dog food in it’s larval stage. In the adult stage, their diet consists of a high sugar content such as tree sap and fruit juices.

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