Catchphrase"bleh eh eh"
AppearencesAnimal Forest
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest +
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Original ShirtBig Star Shirt
House MusicOnly Me

Gruff is a Cranky Goat villager who made appearances in Animal Crossing, Animal Forest, Animal Forest +, Animal Forest e+ and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


[edit] Personality

Gruff will not get along with Normal, Peppy and Jock villagers. He takes a special disliking to Peppy villagers because of their hyper personality and over-excitingness. However, he will get along with Snooty and fellow Cranky villagers because of their shared rude personalities and he will also admire Lazy villagers due to their relaxed outlook on everything.

[edit] Appearance

Gruff is a mint green goat with long eyelashes on his both eyelid. He has blue eyes, brown hair and has a brown beard. His appearance is complete with two horns on the top of his head.

[edit] House

Gruff has 4 different guitars and the rest of his house is very centred around music. Other instruments in his house include an ebony piano and a jukebox. He has modern floor and a stone wall.

[edit] Name Meaning

Gruff's name comes from the childhood story of 'Billy Goats Gruff'

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