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Scientific NamePoecilia reticulata
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Date AvailabilityApril - November
Time Availability9am - 4pm
Sales Price1,300 Bells
Shadow SizeTiny
Tank Size1x1

The Guppy is a small fish that first appeared in Animal Crossing, and has lasted throughout the whole series. They sell for a high amount of Bells, despite their tiny size.


[edit] Players

This is what your player says when you catch a Guppy:

[edit] Animal Forest e+

"グッピ―が つれた! かがやいてるね!"

[edit] Animal Crossing

"I caught a guppy! It ate an awful lot of bait for being so tiny!"

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

"I caught a guppy! Small, but what a bite!"

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"I caught a Guppy! Word uppy!"

[edit] Menu

This is what the menu will say when you catch the Guppy:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

They're a type of killifish, bred for observation. They are hardy and easy to raise.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

A type of Killifish, these were bred for viewing.

[edit] Museum

This is what Blathers will say when you donate this fish:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

Blathers will say this when given the fish for donation: "Many don't know that the guppies with ornate tails are actually the males! Indeed, the females are quite dull...much like Celeste, always stargazing. I really wish she would pay attention to something else on occasion... Ah! I'm terribly sorry! That wasn't what we were talking about, was it?"

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"Male guppies are known for their colorful, bright scale patterns... But look closer, and you'll see males share a design with their female peers... Indeed, a matching couple! It seems like the pairs are a little shy about their romance and tend to hide it. Simply adorable!"

[edit] Trivia

  • Despite the Guppy's small appearence, it strikes a higher price then most larger river fish.
  • These fish are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium species in the world.

[edit] Real Life

Guppies range from the small size of 2-6 centimeters long; with the females ranging much larger then the males. Robert John Lechmere Guppy discovered this tiny fish in Trinidad in 1866, and since then Guppies have been distributed throughout the world.

[edit] Appearance

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