The Happy Room Academy is a group of people who monitor your home and how you design it. After you complete your jobs for Tom Nook he will ask you to let your home be judged by the HRA. If you change your home design then the HRA the next day will send you a letter and tell you currently how many points you have. There are two prizes you can obtain in the HRA that you cannot get anywhere else in the whole game.

The prizes are as follow: 70,000 points: House Model 100,000 points: Manor Model How to score big with the HRA: If you want to score big with the HRA then you have to complete whole furniture series. If you buy items from Tom Nooks store then they will score fairly low. If you get items from special events such as Halloween or Christmas then they will score high with the HRA. Especially if they correspond with other furniture series. So prepare for some big points. Complete a furniture set or series: If you complete a furniture theme then you will get the basic points from the HRA, if you want to score big then you have to complete a furniture series, such as the modern series. If you also assemble all the “necessities of life” which is a table, a bed, a wardrobe, a chair, and a dresser/bureau then you will receive some bonus points. If you go by what the HRA says then you will have to sacrifice what you want to do with your home. If you want you can also completely ignore the HRA and do what you want with your home.

Remember though, only your ground floor gets judged by the HRA. Furniture set: A furniture set usually has about 2-4 pieces of furniture and the furniture set bonus is determained by multiplying the total number of furniture by 3000. Always use the first floor for a furniture set, never the second or your basement. Placing furniture properly: When placing items such as dressers make sure that the item faces out from the wall, never against it. That way you can use it, and the HRA won’t have to take away 800 points from each item that is place improperly. It is hard for some people, but to please the HRA you have to go far. Being tidy is the key You will get one point subtracted from your total score for every item that is lying around on the floor. Try to keep paper on tables, and clothes in dressers. The official guide You will always want to have this guide in mind when trying to place furniture correctly in your first and second floor of your home. (Your basement isn’t scored by the HRA) Consult to this chart when you need information on placing items. You won’t make a masterpiece home overnight, but when you are in the tops with the HRA your home will be amazing. Chart: Completed Furniture Series: 48,000 points Wallpaper and carpet of same series: 10,000 points Wallpaper or carpet of same series: 4,800 points Complete Necessities of life (From same series): 16,000 points Complete Necessities of life (From different series): 4,400 points Theme Furniture: (# of pieces x 7,000 points)+ 15,000 points Wallpaper and carpet of same theme: 10,000 points Completed Furniture set: (# of pieces x 3,000 points)

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