Hacked Downloadable Content

Hacked Downloadable Content (HDLC) are items that hackers are able to obtain in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Hacked downloadable content include items (furniture, clothing, etc.) that are virtually unavailable to others who do not use Homebrew or any other editing software in the game. So far there are thirteen items, but luckily the items are tradeable over WiFi and are also purchasable in the catalog at Tom Nook's Store. There are currently 13 confirmed HDLC items.

[edit] How Do I Obtain Them?

Unfortunately, HDLCs cannot be obtained unless with an editing software like Homebrew. HDLCs have no effect at all when WiiConnect24 is turned on. HDLCs do not come to you like ordinary DLCs. It is unknown if there will be more to come but there are most of the recent known HDLCs below. There has been some know information about HDLCs "rubbing off" on other non-hacker players on Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's been proven that, occasionally, HDLC items will be put on display in the Able Sisters. But only if you've visited someone with that item.

[edit] Releases

Item Item
ShinyBluePikmin BlueLightSabreV1
RedLightSabreV1 TriPokeballHDLC
DimentioMskHDLC DemonMskRHDLC
GuitarAxe2 HDLC GuitarAxe3 HDLC
GuitarAxe4 HDLC NinjaAxe HDLC
AshCap HDLC FalconHelm HDLC
PikachuHat HDLC

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