Halloween is an event that has appeared in Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: City Folk. This event occurs during autumn pn October 31st and is celebrated by all the villagers in the town. Jack, is a special character who appears at 6:00 PM until 1:00 AM during this event. This holiday with no doubt, is inspired from the actual halloween event but in the Animal Crossing Series it is much different.


[edit] When does it start?

This holiday will obviously happen on Halloween, which falls on October 31st every year. The festivities start and Jack arrives at around 6:00pm and the holiday will end on 1:00am the next day. When the clock strike 6:00pm, Pelly will announce that Halloween is going to get underway and you will find that all of the villagers have gotten into the spirit as well!

[edit] How do I get candy?

Halloween in Animal Crossing GCN

Every day in the month of October, Tom Nook will be selling on piece of candy in his store until the day of Halloween is upon you. So, make sure to keep on buying and storing it everyday because you will be needing a lot of candy to be able to get the full Spooky Series. You should have a good amount if you start the very day that he start selling candy and end on the day that he stops. Candy is inexpensive and worth a piece of Spooky furniture!

In City Folk, you can do the above and more. On the day of Halloween, get any matching outfit on and go to villager's houses that have their lights on. Once inside, talk to said villager and they will give you a piece of candy because they are afraid that otherwise you will play a trick on them. You can do this multiple times at any house and the villager will keep giving you candy.

[edit] Villagers

When you get out and wander around town, the villagers that are dressed up in their Jack costumes will run and chase you. If they catch up to you and start to talk to you, they will take a piece of candy that you have and you will essentially be out of a chance to find Jack and get a part of the Spooky Series.

[edit] Items or Jack-in-the-box?

As you know, villagers will take your candy from you if they are out around town. However, if you do not have any candy with you, they will take a piece of furniture from you and turn it into a jack-in-the-box they also change your clothing into a pumpkin head or horrid clothing . Tools are not things that will be transformed. In Animal Crossing Gamecube and City Folk, if you do not have any items with you the villager that you are speaking to will transform your clothes into a different pattern outfit and taunt you, unless you wear a matching outfit.

[edit] How to spot Jack

Jack in AC:CF

There is one way to tell is Jack is not one of your villagers. Villagers will chase you around while Jack will not. So while you are out around town searching for the True King of Halloween, a good strategy is to wait and see what a pumpkinhead will do when they see you. If they run and chase you, you should run away or risk losing candy. If the figure does not chase after you, it is Jack. Make sure you have out candy before talking to him or else he will give you a Pumpkin Head, Moldy Shirt, Patched Shirt and Jack-in-the-box, and although they are very cool looking, it makes it all that much harder to collect the Spooky Series!

[edit] Katrina's Tent Model

This is only available in Animal Crossing Gamecube. If you find Tortimer near the wishing well on Halloween (he is dressed as a pumpkinhead as well) he will give you the model. An easy way to know that the pumpkinhead is Tortimer is that, like Jack, he will not chase after you.

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