BirthdayFebruary 25th
DebutAnimal Crossing: New Leaf
Other AppearancesNone
Original Shirt"Beige Knit"
House MusicK.K. Rally

Hamphrey is a cranky villager debuting in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He is a member of the hamster species, a new species introduced in New Leaf. He is currently the only cranky member of his species, although his actions won't act upon this if the player becomes friends with him. Hamphrey has black fur and gray eyebrows. When Hamphrey is first met, he is shown wearing a Beige Knit. His catchphrase is "snort". However, once the player becomes friends with him, he will confront the player and allow the player to give him a new catchphrase. Like all villagers, he enjoys receiving mail, and will often reply if you send mail to him, or he will show you the later you sent him when you talk to him. Like all other villagers, he will occasionally request the player to do small side quests for him, usually with an award offered on completion. His requests are usually, but not limited to, the following:

  • Asking the player to deliver a present for him.
  • Asking the player to give him a fruit, usually one not found in the village.

    In one of Hamphrey's side quests, he mentions that he has a niece and that he would like the player to catch a dragonfly for her. It is unknown whether his niece is in the game or not.
    His house is filled with many Japanese-themed items. Hamphrey normally stays outdoors, but will occasionally be found inside. Whenever it rains outside, he will complain about it. Sometimes when the player is talking to a different villager, he will begin to argue with the other villager. He normally wins these arguments.
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