Hot Dog Hat

Hot Dog Hat
Distribution (JPN)N/A
Distribution (UK)N/A
Distribution (NA)July 4 - July 18, 2009

The Hot Dog Hat was released in North America to celebrate the following fourth of July, a holiday celebrated there. It is a hat that is wearable.

[edit] Appearance

This hat looks like a hot dog that sits on your head, and makes for a very funny headgear. In the middle there is a line of both mustard and ketchup.

[edit] Letter[s]

The letter received for the item in North America read: Dear [Player's name], It's the season for barbecues and picnics, but this item is for wearing, not for eating. Hopefully it will get you in the right spirit though! Nintendo

•Distributed in North America from 4th of July to 18th of July, 2009.

In new leaf, the hot dog hat has returned, it is avalable in gracie grace during fall.

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