BirthdayNovember 2nd
Original ShirtRed Bar Shirt
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk

Iggly (Japanese name: のりまき, Norimaki) is a penguin villager, who has the personality of a Jock. He has so far only appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Appearance

Iggly is a mostly dark green and white penguin, with large, round, pink checks. He has orangey-yellow feet. There seems to be a small amount of hair, that is dark green, that looks like a fringe. Iggly is a rather chubby villager. He originally wears the red bar shirt.

[edit] Personality

As a Jock, he will appear both friendly and competitive to the Player. His interests are in fitness and health.Iggly often combines fitness and health in ordinary conversations with the player and other villagers, such as critisizing other villagers on their physical fitness, thus resulting in the villager getting angry, or the villager admitting they aren't fit and walking off happy, as they just received honest advice.

[edit] House

Iggly's house has a nursery theme, with furniture from the Nursery Theme.

[edit] Name Meaning

His name is most likely based off igloos, which are used as shelter and made out of ice and snow.

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