BirthdayNovember 29th
AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtMisty Shirt
Pic Quote"Hoo-ha konichiwa!"

Kabuki (Japanese name: かぶきち, Kabukichi) is a Cranky Cat Villager who made his earliest appearances in Animal Forest e+[JPN]/Animal Crossing (GCN)[NA], followed by two later appearances in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Kabuki is a natural hard-head who rarely lets others tell him what to do and is easily irritated by the smallest of things which may come his way. With such an attitude, Kabuki commonly offends and puts down other players in his regular fits of annoyance and displeasure, even sometimes targeting the Player without thinking it over. Not too soon after getting to know this Villager, though, will he become fast friends with the Player after admitting his Cranky personality turns away almost everyone he meets and he has scarce amounts of friends or even aquaintances. Aside from the typical hobbies of Fishing, Bug-Catching, and Fossil-Hunting, Kabuki really enjoys furniture collecting and arranging his own custom designs within his home. He can be found in admiration of Snooty Villagers' tastes in conversation and can be found engaging with them often. Kabuki has also been known to show a rather mishievous side not natural of his sour personality: spreading gossip about other Villagers in order to possibly soil their squeaky-clean reputations.

[edit] Appearance

Kabuki is a white cat with fiery accents of red painted all over his fur. He has large, yellow, intimidating eyes, thick black eyebrows, and dark bags under his eyes. He always carries a rather tough grimace on his mouth in the best of times but has been known to also carry a devious smirk upon it as well.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

This Villager's name comes from the ancient Japanese term, "kabuki", which is a form of traditional dance/drama performed in that country during the 1800s.

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