AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtBlue Aloha Shirt
House MusicK.K. Dirge

Kakkun is a frog islander with a jock personality. He only appears in one of the games in the entire Animal Crossing series, that being Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Personality

As being a jock, he enjoys fitness and eating healthly. He gets along with peppy and other jock villagers since they have similar or the same interest. He often angers snooty villagers since he questions them on their health and agures with lazy villagers since they don't care about eating heathly or their fitness.

[edit] Appearance

Kakkun is a black frog with yellow spots. Originally, he wears a Blue Aloha Shirt, since he is a male islander (female islanders wear red aloha shirts). It seems that he wears a surgeon mask over his mouth, his eyes white dots.

[edit] House

  • Plays K.K. Dirge on a stereo or radio.
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