JobFerry Operator / Car Driver / Bus Driver

Kapp'n is a Kappa who has appeared in all three games in the Animal Crossing Series. He drives buses, cars, and operates ferries.


[edit] Personality

Kapp'n is a chatty person. Whenever you see him, you can be sure that he will strike up a conversation. He likes to write poems and sing songs that make no sense what so ever, and write some that are about his past. He talks in sailor talk and loves the outdoors and nature. He is very approachable and will often compliment you. He says things such as "Yar!" and "Garrr!"

[edit] Appearance

Kapp'n has an overly large head. He has dark green hair that spikes out onto his forehead. His snout is yellow, has two nostrils, and covers half of his face. He wears a blue and red cap with a golden brooch on top of it. His uniform is a dark blue suit jacket with a vest and a white shirt underneath along with gray pants.

[edit] Animal Crossing Gamecube Role

In this game, Kapp'n is a kappa who operates the ferry and will be glad to take your from your town to Animal Crossing Island. When he talks to you, he will tell you that he enjoys paddling people around in his boat, writing poems in his spare time, and eating his favorite food, which is cucumbers. To get to the island, you must connect your Gameboy Advance to your GameCube. See your manual is you need help with that. After the game starts up, run down to the pier. If you have connected your Gameboy Advance in the proper manner, you should see Kapp'n waiting inside his boat. Simply speak to him to get him to take you to the island.

Here is an example of the type of poems he sings:

Ye can't go wrong

With me cucumber song

Cucumbers, Cucumbers

They make me strong

They're the best ripe an' cold

Long before they gets old

They're so good, no one good

Let them grow mold

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World Role

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Kapp'n takes over the role of Rover. Your game will start in Kapp'n's car, and while driving he will multitask and ask you what your name is, what your town's name is. He will then continue to ask you other questions such as "Are you excited about your new life" and "Do you have any money?" that will help to determine what you character will end up looking like. You can also see him in The Roost early in the morning and in the afternoon,talking to him will evoke how much he likes his job, yet how he also greatly misses the sea.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk Role

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Kapp'n now has the role of being the bus driver. When the game first stops, Kapp'n will just drive the bus while Rover asks you questions. In town, any time that you stop at the Bus Stop and press "Go to the city!", Kapp'n will be there within a few seconds driving his bus. He will then talk to you when you are seated on the bus and if you are a boy he will ask if you have met any lasses that day. If he is a girl, he will flirt with you and tell you that there is a "many bus driver" available. You can still see him in The Roost in the morning, reminiscing about the past.

[edit] Trivia

  • The song, Kapp'n, I'd Be, that Kapp'n performs suggests that he has had a shady past and might have been a pirate. This is where he may have learned how to talk like a sailor.
  • His name is sailor talk for Captain.

"Kapp'n is a little different, as he doesn't really live in the town or city. He drives the bus between the two places, though. A chatty fellow who's seen it all, Kapp'n is always ready to offer his stowaways a few words o' wisdom" - Prima Official Strategy Guide

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