Kapp'n Model

Kapp'n Model
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Countries AvailableNorth America

The Kapp'n Model is the sixty - fourth DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

As suggested, this DLC is a model of the famous Kapp'n's boat that appeared inAnimal Crossing (GCN), where he rowed you to an island. Inside of the boat is Kapp'n, happily rowing the boat!

[edit] Release Date

  • North America from 15th to 23rd September, 2010

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to North America reads:

Ahoy, [Player's name]!

Yar, answer me this, me

wee little pirate fish... What

good be talkin' the talk if

ye ain't walkin' the walk?

Here be some booty ye can

pretended ye blundered

Garrrrr! Kapp'n

[edit] Reason for Receiving

No reason was given with the sudden release of the Kapp'n Model.

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