JobLost Daughter
SpeciesCat (Yellow)

Katie makes an appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Katie is a cat who's wandering in your town. She has lost her mom, Kaitlin, and needs to get back to her as soon as possible!


[edit] When will she appear?

Katie can enter you town any day of the week. Once she appears, she will not go away until you either take her back home to her mother or wait a whole week before she can leave. Katie may be hard to find because of her size and the fact that she can hide between trees and buildings (not on purpose).

[edit] What will Booker say?

Booker sees everything. So, no surprise, he will tell you this when Katie is around:

I don't remember how long ago it was, but I recall a small kitten coming by here, crying her eyes out... I think...

[edit] Role

Katie's role in the game seems to be to get lost from her mother every once in a while. When you do find Katie in your town, talk to her and she will tell you how much she misses her mommy. Your friend, whoever has Kaitlin, is the person that you need to bring Katie to. Talk to Katie and convince her to follow you to the town gate. You'll need to walk slowly as Katie is just a kitten and will trip and tell you she doesn't want to walk if you go to fast. If this happens, simply keep on talking to her and telling her to hang on until she follows you again. Get her to the Chequepoint and go to your friend's town for a cut scene.

[edit] Cut Scene

The two players see the same cut scene.

Katie: Mommy! MOMMY!

Kaitlin: You! Oh, where have you been you naughty kitten?

Katie: Sniff... Sorry, Mommy! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Kaitlin: Goodness sakes! What am I do with this child, always wandering off.

Kaitlin to you: You there, are you the kindhearted soul who brought her back to me? Oh, thank you so very much I don't know what I would have done without you.

Kaitlin to Katie: You there, naughty kitten! Say thank you to the nice person!

Katie: Sniff... sniff... Th-thank you!

Kaitlin: Well, I suppose we should be heading home. Thank you again. You're a real angel!

Kaitlin to Katie: Hey, say good-bye!

Katie: Bye-bye!

They walk away into the distance and the cut scene ends.

[edit] Gifts

After taking Katie back to her mother, she will give you a gift as an award through mail. The following item could be:

  • Papa Bear
  • Papa Panda
  • Music Box
  • Lovely Phone
  • Apple TV
  • Portrait
  • Designs
  • Katie and Kaitlin's Pic

Note: Pic is only in Animal Crossing: Wild Wolrd.

[edit] Appearance

Appearance-wise, Katie looks just like her mother. She has the same brown bangs that fall between her bangs and is a yellow cat. She has rosy cheeks. Katie even dresses similarly to her mother! She wears a blue shirt with a pink fish on the front of it. She is deemed one of the cutest characters when she is seen smiling.

[edit] Personality

When you first meet Katie, you might be a little annoyed by. She will cry and cry until she sees her mom, but wouldn't you to? Katie is not happy until something is done to see her mother, but she is not willing to help either. If she trips, you must spend your time listening to her complaints and in the end you must simply acknowledge that you are doing a good deed. After you reunite the two, however, Katie lightens up again.

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