Kick's Shoeshinery

Kick's Shoeshinery
Where?City, between the Auction House and Shampoodle's
When?Morning 'til late afternoon
How?Talk to him

Kick's Shoeshinery is a location in the City where you can get your shoes shined at a generous price!


[edit] Service

When you see Kicks, walk up to him and he will ask you if you would like a shoeshining. Of course, it isn't free. A shoeshine will cost you 500 Bells. He will ask you if you would like your shoes to match your style or your color.

[edit] Style

If you choose style, it will be based on your haircut, accessories, and your clothing and what style they are. Whichever style occurs most in those three things will determine what color your shoes will be. There is a total selection of 20 shoes; 10 for girls and 10 for boys. Here is a list of styles to colors:


Style Color
Cool Red
Cute Pink
Fancy Green
Funky Blue
Fresh White
Gaudy Orange
Refined Black
Strange Purple
Striking Yellow
Subtle Brown


Style Color
Cool Blue
Cute Pink
Fancy White
Funky Green
Fresh Red
Gaudy Yellow
Refined Purple
Strange Black
Striking Orange
Subtle Brown

[edit] Color

If you choose to match your shoes by color, whichever color that dominates your outfit is what color your shoes will turn out to be. Note that hair, accessories, and clothing are all taken into consideration.

[edit] Multi-Colored

It is rumored that if you are wearing a multi-colored shirt or a clothing item from GracieGrace, your shoes will have multiple colors on them. The colors of course, would match your multiple colors on your shirt as closely as possible.

[edit] Other

After a certain number of shoe shinings, Kicks will ask if you would rather prefer your opposite gender's style of shoes and from then on you have the choice to choose whichever style you want.

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