BusinessKick's Shoeshinery

"Care for a shoeshine, guv? Then head into the city on fair-weather days to spy a friendly little guy named Kicks, who's always ready to shine you up. For a fair price, Kicks can change either the style or color of your shoes - and he doesn't even ask for a tip afterward!" - Prima Animal Crossing: City Folk Strategy Guide

Kicks (Japanese name: シャンク, Shank) is a male skunk. You can find him in the City. To get to him, catch a ride on the bus, and walk around until you see a skunk sitting on a set of stairs behind a door covered by boards; it is between Shampoodle and the Auction House. he works at his own business, Kick's Shoeshinery.

[edit] Appearance

Kicks is a skunk that has navy blue fur. His tail and his head are trimmed white and light blue. He wears a beige paperboy hat and matching overalls with a plain white shirt underneath them. He has two brown legs, resembling pegs. His nose is a bright pink and he wears a happy expression.

[edit] Personality

Kicks is a generous person who isn't selfish nor is he greedy. He works hard for what he wants and never cheats people out of a great service. He is quiet, but gets his job done in an orderly fashion.

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