Kintaro Wig & Kintarou no Haragake Pattern

Kintaro Wig & Kintarou no Haragake Pattern
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The Kintaro Wig & Kintarou no Haragake Pattern is the fifty-second DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

The Kintaro Wig is a large, combed, brown wig that falls around the eyes of your character (as seen in the photo). On the tip of the wig, part of the hair is tied neatly in a bun with a red ribbon. This hair is supposed to be the same hair that Kintaro wore.

The Kintarou no Haragake pattern, which comes along with the wig, is a pattern that is made to look like the apron that Kintaro wore as apart of his identity. The apron is laced with red and yellow coloring, and is said to grant strength to those who wear it.

[edit] Release Date

  • Japan from 5th to 18th May, 2010

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to Japn reads:

The origin of Kintaro's story is an episode about a Samurai

in ancient days as a child, or so they say.

Well, I don't know whether he sumo-wrestled with the bear.

From a staff-member with an ax on the shoulder.

[edit] Reason for Receiving

This item was released in honor of Kintaro, often translated to "Hero Boy", a widely known hero within Japenese folklore. Kintaro is often shown in images with an Masakari axe, a Haragake Japanese-style apron and sometimes a tame bear. Japenese families often decorate their newborn boys' rooms with Kintro dolls on children's day, May 5th, in hopes that their boy will grow up as strong as this golden boy.

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