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Animal Crossing
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Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Kitty (Japanese name: ショコラ, Chocolat) is a Cat Villager with a Snooty personality. She has appeared in every instalment of the Animal Crossing Series excluding Animal Crossing: Wild World.


[edit] Personality

As a Snooty villager, Kitty's one and only downfall is her overactive egotism in the form of shallowness and contempt towards others whom she feels lower than that of herself. She typically judges this by the overall fashion taste of fellow residents as well as their public etiquette. She commonly expresses these bad social habits towards the Player as well, criticizing their choice of clothes and mannerisms. Over time, Kitty will eventually warm up to the Player in a sort of begrudging way. Despite this, she will continue to display her snottiness towards other villagers in eavesdropped conversations. Even though you may find Kitty partaking in the standard hobbies at times, you'll find her discussing clothes and working out her wardrobe 95% of the time. Lazy villagers, with their slow lifestyle choice paired with overall lacking personal hygiene and eating habits, will commonly send Kitty into a ranting tailspin.

[edit] Appearance

Kitty's face is mostly brown with a section of white around her mouth. She has a small patch of dark brown hair on top of her head and large, curved eyes with purple eyeliner. She always carries a very smug and assured expression on her face, one that no doubt masks a world of self-consciousness within.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

This villager's name is without a doubt derived from the species she belongs to and nothing else. Furthermore, "kitty" is also meant to sound somewhat posh and uptown when compared to a flat term such as "cat".

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