Mayor (New Leaf)

The Mayor is the role that the player assumes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Upon moving to the new town, as the player is leaving the train station they are met with the citizens of the town who mistakenly identify him as the mayor. The actual mayor of the town remains a mystery however they were supposed to be on the same train as the player. They send a letter a day later stating that they are happy for the player to continue as mayor of the town. The player's assistant, Isabelle can be found in the Town Hall and helps the mayor with Ordinances and Public Work Projects, as well as getting the initial development permit and holding celebrations once Public Works have been completed.

Only the first player created will become mayor, all other subsequent players created will be citizens of the town.


[edit] Approval Rating

One the first day of becoming mayor, the player will need to complete actions in the town in order to raise the their approval rating from other villagers. Once the approval rating reaches 100% (or points) and the player owns their own house in the town, the development permit will be available allowing Ordinaces to be enacted in the town and for the player to start Public Work Projects.

In order to raise the town approval rating, the player can perform the following actions:

Upgrade from Tent to House (once) 20 Points
Donate an object to the Museum (once) 7 Points
Change the town tune (once) 3 Points
Change the town flag (once) 3 Points
Sell items at Re-Tail (once) 3 Points
Post a message on the Bulletin Board (once) 3 Points
Interact with villagers 3 Points
Water Flowers 3 Points
Pull Weeds 1 Point
Dispose of trash at Re-Tail 1 Point

This approval system becomes void once the development permit is obtained.

[edit] Public Work Projects

[edit] Ordinances

As Mayor, the player can choose to enact an ordinance at any given time once they have 100% Approval Rating. Ordinances act as laws to all villagers and NPCs to abide by while in effect. They cost the player 20,000 bells to put into place and can be changed at any time. A mayor who wishes to change from one ordinance to another may do so by speaking to Isabelle at the Town Hall. When enacting or cancelling an ordinance, the decision will go into effect the next day at 6:00 AM. If a mayor has enacted an ordinance, villagers will commonly comment to the player about the ordinance's effect on their life and how it is working.

Ordinance Effects
Beautiful Town
  • Weeds show up less frequently and time traveling does not result in excess weeds
  • Cockroaches never appear in your house, even after extended periods of no gameplay
  • Hybrids have 20% increased chance in spawning
  • Trash is no longer fished out of rivers, oceans and ponds
  • Flowers do not wilt and do not need to be watered
  • Villagers are more likely to water and plant flowers
Early Bird Town
  • Shops open and close 3 hours earlier than their usual time
  • Villagers wake up and go to bed 3 hours earlier than their usual time
Night Owl Town
  • Shops open and close 3 hours later than their usual time
  • Villagers wake up and go to bed 3 hours later than their usual time
Bell Boom Town
  • All shops buy and sell items for 20% more than their original price
  • Re-Tail's lists 2 premium items instead of one
  • The amount of medals obtained from the Island increases

[edit] Rumours

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