Medicine is an item that you can buy from Tom Nook once a day for 400 bells. It can either heal bee stings or help villagers from sickness.


[edit] What is medicine in Animal Crossing: Wild World used for?

There are two main uses for medicine:
• Ill neighbours
• Bee stings

[edit] Where can you buy it?

You can buy medicine from Tom Nook's store. (Nook's Cranny, Nook 'n' Go, Nookway and Nookingtons.) It costs 400 Bells.

[edit] How to use it

To cure a friend that's not well, talk to them and ask if they're feeling ok. When prompted, hand them the medicine from your pockets. To cure yourself from a bee sting go into your pockets and drag the medicine to the drawing of your character.

[edit] But do I really need it?

Don't feel like spending out on 400 Bells when you'd rather use that money to save up for a new haircut? Well, for your sick animal friend you can just open your town gates and… Voila, healthy resident! This is because they HAVE to get better if they think someone's coming over from another town. And for your bee sting, just save your game and turn the power off, then when you load your game again and play on your character, she/he will be free of any stings! So you can now use those spare Bells to save up for your haircut after all!

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