BirthdaySeptember 25th
AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtPatchwork Shirt
Pic Quote"Sometimes I think I'm the only sane one around."

Mitzi (Japanese name: マール, Maru) is a Normal, Cat villager who has appeared in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. She also made an early appearance in Animal Forest e+.


[edit] Personality

Mitzi's Normal preset gives her a very soothing and collected demeanor overall, rarely becoming too excited yet never susceptible to nagging boredom due to her overly optimistic attitude. The only downside to these traits, though, is that Mitzi is easily upset by miscommunications and petty insults, leaving her in a rather dreary state. She enjoys keeping regularly active with Fishing and Bug-Catching and doesn't mind shopping for nice clothes on special occasions. Mitzi absolutely loves having company over and will often talk the Player's ear off should they unknowingly stop by for a brief chat. She has a rather unnerving obsession with cleanliness but normally tries to downplay it by bringing up "Moppina", an imaginary character that embodies Mitzi's hygienic concerns. She naturally gravitates towards the natural energy of Peppy villagers and fellow Normal neighbors but avoids the condescending Snooty villagers and abrasive Cranky villagers.

[edit] Appearance

Mitzi is a white cat with a blue face, ears, and paws that are tipped with blue on the ends. She has large, cheerful eyes and a small, gleefully upturned mouth.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

"Mitzi" is a cute and rather energetic-sounding name that fits this villager's personality quite well.

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