Morning Aerobics

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Morning Aerobics is an event that happens in the game Animal Crossing. The event happens from the 25th of July to the 31st of August.

The event happens at 6am to 7am every morning and is instructed by Copper near the Wishing Well. The event is repeated at the Sports Fair and starts at 9am instead. The player can participate by mimicking the moves of Copper and if the player goes to the Morning Aerobics class 14 times, Tortimer will give them a special Aerobics Radio so that they can keep doing Aerobics at home.

[edit] Moves

Move Controls
Leap Hold Up
Roll Your Arms Rotate Semicircle
Deep Breathing Down and Up
Rotate Fully Rotate full circle
Twist Hold Left or Right
Straighten Your Back Down and Up
Straighten Your Side Hold Up and Left or Right

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