Catchphrase"I'll do"
AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtLeather Jerkin
House MusicK.K. Steppe

Natasha (ナタシャ) is a squirrel villager with a snooty personality. She has only made one appearance in the Animal Crossing series, that being Animal Forest e+.


[edit] Personality

Natasha is a Snooty villager, she will appear to be egotistical and arrogant at first but will gradually warm up to the player. She will often say she gets fashion tips from the magazine Ms. Nintendique and will criticise those who do not. Natasha will tend to get offended by Jock villagers and will gossip about Peppy, Normal and Lazy villagers, disagreeing with their choice of outfit. She will however get along well with Cranky and other Snooty villagers due to their shared, rude personality.

[edit] Appearance

Natasha is a black squirrel with elements of blue. The insides of her ears are white and her eyes are light orange. She has a red nose and a white muzzle.

[edit] House

Natasha's house is the same as Buck's house, instead she has a cowhide rug and Arched Window Wallpaper. She has a green sofa, a green armchair, a gramophone, a grandfather clock, a cabana cabinet and an air conditioner.

[edit] Trivia

  • Natasha can be obtained via an e-reader card.
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