Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite
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Countries AvailableNorth America

The Nintendo DS Lite is the fortieth DLC to yet be released.


[edit] Appearance

The Nintendo DS Lite is a chair made to look like a DS Lite, Nintendo's latest handheld. This handheld acts like a chair in this game, and resembles the previous DLCs that have come out, Black Nintendo DSi and White Nintendo DSi.

[edit] Release Date

  • North America from 5th to 19th December, 2009

[edit] Letter

The letter received for the Nintendo DS Lite in North America read:

Dear [Player's name]

We can't believe it's been 4

years since the release of Animal Crossing: Wild

World on the Nintendo DS.

I guess time really does fly

when you're having fun!


[edit] Reason for Receiving

The Nintendo DS Lite was released to celebrate the anniversary of Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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