This is the third incarnation of Tom Nook's Item Shop which can only be attained after you've spent a total of 65,000 Bells on products at this particular business.

[edit] Description

This store's appearance takes after your average grocery market as opposed to Nook N' Go's typical convenience mart facade. In difference to Nook's Cranny and Nook N' Go, the items are set out on many different, smaller tables instead of three or four larger tables. This third Nook shop seems more 'grown up' than the other two, with simpler decorating and calmer music. However nothing compares to Nookington's classiness. Although in Nook's Nook N' Go incarnation of his shop, he wears a uniform rather than an apron, this third time round Tom Nook where's an apron once more, which doesn't really fit in with his shop classier surroundings. It is slightly larger than it's two previous forms offering a larger inventory space than both yet paling in comparison to Nookington's given it remains a one-floor establishment.

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