Office Furniture Set

Office Furniture Set
Total Cost8,000 Bells
Total Sell Price2,000 Bells

The Office Furniture Set is perfect if you would like a school themed or a work station right in your own house. This set is more serious, and not as decorative and colorful such as the Fruit Theme. Instead, this set is a little more monotone because of it being in an office.

[edit] Item List

Name Price Selling Price Available
Writing Desk 1,900 Bells 475 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Writing Chair 1,000 Bells 250 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Globe 1,200 Bells 300 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Office Desk 1,600 Bells 400 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Office Chair 1,100 Bells 275 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Office Locker 1,200 Bells 300 Bells Tom Nook's Shop

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