Ordinances are a new feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and a power entrusted to the mayor of the town. The other power being able to start and destroy Public Works Projects. There are four ordinances in total, each costing 20,000 bells to enact. They can be changed, altered, or removed via the Town Hall. As a rule, there can only be one Ordinance in effect at any time, meaning if the player would like to change it, they will need to first stop the current one in play, however the cost of enacting the new ordinance will still be 20,000 bells.


[edit] Beautiful Town Ordinance

The Beautiful Town Ordinance will aid in keeping the town tidy and free of weeds. This ordinance is particularly effective for those who don't have as much time to commit to keeping their town tidy and visit on a regular basis. The Ordinance provides the following:

  • Villagers more likely to water flowers
  • Time traveling does not effect the town environment (weeds, etc)
  • Weeds appear less frequently
  • Cockroaches will not appear, these include those that can be caught with the Bug Net.
  • Plant hybrids are 20% more likely to occur
  • Trash is not an object that can be obtained fishing.

[edit] Early Bird Town Ordinance

The Early Bird Ordinance alters the time so that the town is more active during the day. This is particularly useful for players who are able to get on the game earlier than usual. The ordinance allows:

  • Villagers to wake up early (hours depend on ordinance enacted)
  • Shops open early (hours depend on ordinance enacted)

[edit] Night Owl Town Ordinance

The Night Owl Ordinance changes the times so the town is more active later in the day. This is particularly useful for those not able to play the game until the late afternoon/early evening time. The ordinance allows:

  • Villagers to sleep longer hours (hours will vary)
  • Towns to stay open later (hours will vary)

[edit] Wealthy Town Ordinance/Bell Boom Ordinance

The Wealthy Town Ordinance/Bell Boom Ordinance allows players to buy and sell items for more Bells. This is particularly useful for more wealthy players or those wishing to pay off their mortgage quicker as the price of the loan remains the same regardless. The ordinance allows:

  • Shops to sell items with a 20% price increase and Reese will buy items 20% more then average
  • Premium items at Re-Tail will increase to 2 instead of 1
  • Medals obtained on the island increase.

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