There a six different personalities in the games that neighbors can have. A neighbour's personality decided how they will act and what they will say, and possibly how much they are willing to move (away).

[edit] Female only personalities

  • Snooty,
  • Normal,
  • Peppy,
  • Uchi.

[edit] Male only personalities

  • Jock,
  • Lazy,
  • Grumpy,
  • Smug.

As you can see from the left, a male neighbour cannot have for example a Peppy personality because it is for girls only. This is useful for determining what personality a neighbour is. However, if someone has hacked their town, they can manually change, say, a male jock's personality to a peppy, snooty, or normal personality with the use of a hacking tool called NPC Tool.

In new leaf, two new personallity were introduced, Smug and Uchi

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