A complete Raptor fossil
Parts Raptor Torso
Raptor Skull

The Raptor or Velociraptor is a set of fossils that were introduced in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.

[edit] Museum

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"...Hoo my goodness! The velociraptor is assembled! Simply magnificent! Velociraptors first began to appear in the last days of the dinosaurs. Their bodies were small, but they could run fast and were smart enough to use teamwork... In some respects, they were the best hunters in the dinosaur world!"

[edit] Raptor Bones

Name HRA Points Selling Price Available
Raptor Torso 1,000 Points 2,500 Bells Underground
Raptor Skull 1,000 Points 3,000 Bells Underground
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