First AppearedAnimal Crossing
Later AppearedAnimal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Available(ACWW)2 days a week
Price(ACCF)800 Bells
Time Availability(ACCF)10am - 11pm

Realization is one of the many Emotions that were first introduced in Animal Crossing (GCN) and then later appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, which in these later installments could then be used by both the Player and CPUs through Dr. Shrunk(ACWW) and both Dr. Shrunk/Master Frillard(ACCF).

A Player expressing Realization

[edit] Appearance

When the Realization Emotion is activated, the user quickly tilts their head slightly upwards and a large, blocky, white exclamation point pops out of the top of their head(accompanied by a common dinging sound)and then quickly dissipates. This Emotion is a direct relation to Curiosity.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

Here's Dr. Shrunk's act from his stand-up routine entitled "Realization":

Thanks you! Thank you! And thanks to that special someone out there! I think you KNOW who you are! Dr. Shrunk is in the house!

Um, ahem.

Hey! What an eye-opener I had today! Wanna know why? It all started when I hired an assistant to clean my jacket. People throw a LOT of rotten tomatoes at me! Anyhoo, the stage manager said he thought the kid I hired was GREAT! My manager told me all sorts of stuff about the kid I didn't know! Like that he'd won the amateur comedy prize for several years in a row! And that he has a huge fan base of his own! And then my manager said the most surprising thing of all! That maybe I should assistant's assistant!

The doctor is OUT!

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