Redd's Passwords (ACWW)

You need to know these passwords in order to get access to Crazy Redd's tent in Animal Crossing: Wild World. These passwords are highly sensitive and if you type something in wrong or don't capitalize something, it will be counted as incorrect. Every time Redd visits you, one of your villagers will know the password. Talk to each one until you find which villagers knows the password. It will usually be an animal that is close to you. After you find the password, it allows you to purchase membership into Redd's club and he will in turn mail you a password the day before he comes each week.

[edit] Redd's Passwords

Question: “Ask and you shall”

Answer: “be charged”

Question: “An open wallet”

Answer: “is often empty”

Question: “Bottom dollar”

Answer: “top dog”

Question: “Crazy Redd”

Answer: “is 35”

Question: “Even robbers”

Answer: “have safes”

Question: “Get an education”

Answer: “or win it big”

Question: “Fan in one hand”

Answer: “cash in other”

Question: “Foot in the door”

Answer: “eye on prize”

Question: “Gold ingots?”

Answer: “Redd bells”

Question: “Neighbor Raccoon”

Answer: “one ugly fellow”

Question: “For my fans”

Answer: “shop here again”

Question: “Give 2 cents”

Answer: “ask for change”

Question: “Head in the sand”

Answer: “find something”

Question: “Hot and cold”

Answer: “money makes it”

Question: “Healthy souls”

Answer: “can be bought”

Question: “I'm all alone”

Answer: “but I have cash”

Question: “Thankless task”

Answer: “goes unpaid”

Question: "Life Expectancy”

Answer: "Redd is 35”

Question: “Look at people”

Answer: “wallets full”

Question: “No money”

Answer: “means no fun”

Question: “Roses have”

Answer: “high prices”

Question: “Turn back”

Answer: “what'd you miss”

Question: “Rough childhood”

Answer: “lax adulthood”

Question: “Someone to wed”

Answer: “no way Nook”

Question: “Spoiled rotten”

Answer: “bean curd”

Question: “Talk is cheap”

Answer: “so is Redd”

Question: “The grass is greener”

Answer: “on my side”

Question: “The pen”

Answer: “is cheaper”

Question: “Tom Nook”

Answer: “one ugly fellow”

Question: “Top dollar”

Answer: “top dog”

Question: “Spoiled rotten”

Answer: “bean curd”

Question: “Courage is nice”

Answer: “cash is freedom”

Question: “What's inside”

Answer: “is fabulous”

Question: “The cat's away”

Answer: “mice shop”

Question: “Why buy the cow”

Answer: “get milk here”

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