Region Exclusives

Region Exclusive items are items that are only available in a certain countries or regions. Animal Crossing: City Folk is the only Animal Crossing game to feature region exclusive items. The for regions with exclusive items are North America, Europe, Japan and Korea.


[edit] Region Exclusive

[edit] Region Exclusive Holidays

Some holidays only happen in certain countries. In order to get the items from one of these events, the date must be currently set to one of your region's exclusive holidays.

[edit] Receiving Region Exclusive Items

On the day of your region exclusive holiday, find Tortimer who will most likely be standing outside of the Town Hall. Talk to him and upon hearing how excited he is, Tortimer will give a present because he feels that you needed something to remember the holiday by.

[edit] What are seasonal items?

Seasonal items are items that are sold by Nook for a specific period of time in only that certain country. They are region-exclusive. These are the only region exclusive items that Nook will let you order from his catalog.

[edit] Notices

  • Autumn Moon is celebrated on the day of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. It can be in either September or October. It will fall on October 4th in 2009.

[edit] North American Items and Holidays

Item Holiday
Resetti Model Groundhog Day
Cool Globe Nature Day
Picnic Basket Labor Day
Sailboat Model Explorer's Day
Wheat Bundle Autumn Moon
Festive Candle Tom Nook's Shop; 12/1 - 12/31
Festive Flag Tom Nook's Shop; 12/1 - 12/31

[edit] European Items and Holidays

Item Holiday
Stuffed Stocking Naughty or Nice Day
Snowglobe Midwinter's Day
Expresso Maker Midsummer's Day
Veggie Basket Autumn Moon
Wheat Bundle Autumn Moon

[edit] Japanese Items and Holidays

Item Holiday
Red Ogre Mask Bean Day
Blue Ogre Mask Bean Day
Rice Cake Girl's Day
Bamboo Grass Starcrossed Day
Dango Autumn Moon
Hinaningyo Tom Nook's shop; 3/1 - 3/3
Kadomatsu Tom Nook's Shop; 12/26 - 12/31
Kagamimochi Tom Nook's Shop; 12/26 - 12/31

[edit] Korean Items and Holidays


NOTE: Korean holidays are currently unconfirmed.

Item Holiday
Bureom Unkown
Yut Unknown
Hibiscus Unknown

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