Resetti Surveillance Center

Resetti Surveillance Center
When?After 8:00pm
How?If the orange cones are pushed aside.

The Resetti Surveillance Center, also known as the Reset Surveillance Center is an area which, appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It is used by Mr. Resetti, Don Resetti and Vole Vinnie, who all carry out their work. They also live there.


[edit] How to get there

After 8:00pm on any day of the week, catch a ride to the city via the bus. As soon as you get off of the bus, make a sharp right turn and go down the sidewalk until you see two orange construction cones. If these construction cones are pushed aside and a light is coming through a tunnel, you may enter the Resetti Surveillance Center. If the cones are not pushed aside, keep checking every night until they are.

[edit] Rewards

When you enter the Resetti Surveillance Center, there isn't much to do. Talk to the mole that is inside (it may be Mr. Resetti, his brother Don, or Vole Vinnie) and they will tell you to scram. However, before they do that, they will give you a silver shovel to make sure that no one finds out about the place.

[edit] Can I come in again?

After you have entered the surveillance center once, the cones will open back up again. However, when you go inside you will not receive another Silver Shovel. All you can do is talk to the person in there and they will promptly tell you to get out.

[edit] How do I get multiple shovels?

In order to get multiple silver shovels, you must have at least another extra character. That way, on the night when the cones are pushed aside, you can get out the extra character(s) and receive a silver shovel and keep it or sell it.

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