Catchphrase"li'l chick"
AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Original ShirtRed Scale Shirt

Rio (Japanese name: デジャネイロ, De Janeiro) is a Peppy Ostrich Villager who made her first and only current appearance(s) in both Animal Forest e+[JPN] and Animal Crossing (GCN)[NA].


[edit] Personality

Rio is a genuine, bubbly entity who rarely succumbs to emotions of anger or sadness. Aside from these naturally Peppy attributes, this Villager also displays traits echoing Snooty residents, an example being Rio's desire to become a fashion model one day(and making it a common topic of conversation). Despite this, she is unfortunately found as the center of attention for mean rumours leaked by Cranky and Snooty residents.

[edit] Appearance

Rio is a deep-red ostrich with light, wispy, crimson-colored hair on top of her head. She has large eyes covered in light purple eyeshadwo(further enforcing her "Snooty" vibe)and a large, yellow star tatoo located on her left cheek. Her arms are a mix of red and green feathers.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

Her name could be based off a place in Brazil called, Rio De Janeiro. It is well known for their lively and colourful festivals. These festivals could reflect on Rio's appearance.

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