River Fish

A river fish is a specific kind of fish which can only be found in rivers. They can be caught by using a Fishing rod.

[edit] List of 'river' fish

Name Games Appearance
Arapaima Arapaima.png
Arowana Arowana.png
Angelfish Angelfish.png
Barbel Steed Barbel Steed.png
Bitterling Bitterling.png
Black Bass Black Bass.png
Bluegill Bluegill.png
Brook Trout Brook trout.png
Carp Carp.png
Crucian Carp Crucian Carp.png
Cherry Salmon Cherry Salmon.png
Dace Dace.png
Dorado Dorado.png
Eel Eel.png
Freshwater Goby Freshwater Goby.png
Goldfish Goldfish.png
Guppy Guppy.png
King Salmon King Salmon.png
Koi Koi.png
Loach Loach.png
Neon Tetra Neon Tetra.png
Pale Chub Pale Chub.png
Pike Pike.png
Piranha Piranha.png
Popeyed Goldfish Popeyed Goldfish.png
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout.png
Salmon Salmon.png
Small Bass Small Bass.png
Stringfish Stringfish.png
Sweetfish Sweetfish.png
Yellow Perch Yellow Perch.png

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