BirthdayJuly 5th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtN/A
House Music"Go K.K. Rider!"
Picture Inscription"This isn't a dress I'm wearing, it's a muscle tee!"

Samson is a Jock Mouse Villager who made his very first appearance in Animal Crossing (GCN), followed by two later appearances in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Samson is an athlete who enjoys working out. He often talks about getting into shape and complains about over-eating, taking himself out of his work-out plan. Although he is a Jock his body is quite small and flimsy, but it doesn't stop him from always trying his best and making himself sound cool.

[edit] Appearance

Samson is a dark grey mouse with large, pink ears. He has beady little eyes, medium-sized black nose, and a large, wide smile that is always stuck on this commonly optimistic mouse's face. The pink shirt that he commonly wears has been known to cause others to mistake him for a female(that is, until he speaks).

[edit] House

Samson decorates his home with a mix of different styles including blue, green, kiddie, and fruit, different sets that don't really go well together. Samson most likely cares more about being in shape then making his home look complete. The following are items inside of his home:

[edit] Name Meaning

The meaning behind Samson's name is currently unknown.

[edit] Trivia


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