School Cap and White School Cap

School Cap and White School Cap
Countries AvailableSouth Korea

The School Cap and White School Cap is fifty-third DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

The white cap comes up around your whole head, so that only the sides of your hair is visible. The hat is, of course, white, and seams of the hat run up along from different directions.

The Blue cap, known as the School Cap, which was released at the same time, is the same thing as the School Cap, but in a blue color.

[edit] Release Date

  • South Korea from 5th to 11th May, 2010.

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to South Korea reads:

[edit] Reason for Receiving

While the reasons for its release aren't directly given, the reason is most likely do to the opening and celebration of school in South Korea.

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