Changing Seasons are an in-game feature that has appeared in every installment of the Animal Crossing series to date. They act in near-real time and show significant differences between each one. For example, during Winter you'll experience snow on the ground and on tree tops. The environment is also influenced heavily by the season experienced, affecting the type of Bugs that appear, the type of fish you can catch, and often each season will have exclusive festivals of some sort. For example, during Autumn (Or Fall), an Acorn Festival is held as well as the annual Fireworks display on Bonfire Night.


[edit] Spring

The start of Spring
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In the Animal Crossing world, Spring starts February 28 and ends May 31. During this season, the trees start to regain their green pigmentation. The snow seen during the Winter season completely disappears and grass becomes Green. Although this happens at end of Winter, on Februaryy 25. Fish and Bugs start appearing Mid-March.

[edit] Summer

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Summer starts in the Animal Crossing World on June 1 and lasts until August 31. The trees and grass become their greenest at this point in the year. This is a pointant time in the year in Animal Crossing: City Folk to start Grass Regeneration as a new feture was added in the game in which grass will slowly start to deteriorate as it becomes walked on frequently. Toward the end of June, Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall can be experienced. Toward the end of the season, the trees will turn a darker shade of Green.

[edit] Autumn

Autumn/Fall. Note the reddening of the leaves on the trees
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Autumn in the Animal Crossing world starts September 1st and ends on November 30th. The trees begin to change colour and the grass starts to dull. Bugs start to vanish as do the rarer breeds of fish. The weather during this season can be particularly temperate. This is one of the quietest seasons of the year.

[edit] Winter

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Winter starts Late November and ends February 18. Winter is one of the most quiet seasons. Notable changes include the town being covered in snow and bugs disappearing completely.

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