Secrets (GCN)


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[edit] Pitfall Seeds

A pitfall seed is a white ball with a red exclamation point inside it. It is used as a practical joke.

[edit] What you need

Pitfall Seed - Shovel - Spot of grass (not cement) - Unsuspecting Neighbor/Friend.

[edit] What to do

Dig a hole near a friend or neighbor. Standing next to the hole, go to your inventory, tap the pitfall seed and hit 'Bury'. Your character will bury the pitfall seed, and a crack will appear on the ground. When your neighbor walks over the crack (or is pushed in by a trickster), a hole will appear and your neighbor will be stuck in it. Hilarious in every way.

[edit] Money Rock

There are usually 8-10 rocks per town. Every 24 hours, a rock holds exactly 8100 bells.

[edit] What you need

Shovel - rock. *Tip* - Having a golden or silver shovel does not change the amount of bells deposited from the rock.

[edit] What to do

Every 24 hours, a rock in your in your town holds 8100 bells. To get the bells, you must get your shovel out and hit the rock 8 times very fast. Hitting the rock fast is key to getting the bells. If you do not do so, you will get less than 8100 bells. To achieve this, one thing that players do is dig two holes around the rock; one above you and one beside you. Do this everyday to get the best out of your experience!

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