Shaved Ice Lamp

Shaved Ice Lamp
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Countries AvailableSouth Korea

The Shaved Ice Lamp is the sixty-first DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

Patbingsu Lamp or Shaved Ice Lamp is modeled after the popular Korean treat. This lamp is a small bowl of shaved ice topped with red beans, frozen yogurt, cereal flakes, and other typical fruits. It is raised slightly in the air by a stand underneath it.

[edit] Release Date

  • South Korea from 9th to 15th August, 2010

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to South Korea reads:

[edit] Reason for Receiving

As the reasons aren't approved, the best assumption is that it's for the oncoming of the hottest days in summer. In Korea, this time is known as Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok. This treat is served as a typical summer treat in South Korea.

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