Shells (ACCF)

Shells are items that you can find sitting on the shores of your beach. Each shell is unique and has its own selling price at Tom Nook's, making them worthwhile to collect.

[edit] Changing Seashells

If you pick up all of the seashells on your beach, then they will be replaced the next day or sooner if you pick them up very early. Although they will be replaced, the shells will not be the same, giving you some variety. Also, if you do not pick up your shells, they will still change, although a bit more slowly.

[edit] Pascal and the Scallop

If you find Pascal the Otter in your town in Animal Crossing: City Folk, make sure that you have a scallop in your pockets. Give him a regular scallop when he asks for one, and in return he will give you a piece of the Pirate Ship Theme. If you talk to him without a scallop he will jump into the river and float away.

[edit] Scallop List

Shell Selling Price Picture
Conch 350 Bells Conch.jpg
Coral 250 Bells Coral.JPG
Dall's Top 90 Bells DallsTop.jpg
Pearl Oyster 1200 Bells PearlOyster.JPG
Porceletta 30 Bells Porceletta.jpg
Sand Dollar 60 Bells SandDollar.jpg
Scallop 600 Bells Scallop.jpg
Venus Comb 150 Bells VenusComb.JPG
White Scallop 450 Bells WhiteScallop.jpg

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