Snowman Vanity

Snowman Vanity
Countries AvailableEurope & Oceania

The Snowman Vanity is a furniture item belonging to the Snowman Series of furniture. It is an item that players can receive as Downloadable Content through WiiConnect24. If the furniture is displayed in the player's house, it will get an extra 888 HRA Points.


[edit] Appearance

The Snowman Vanity has two draws with Snowman button-like, yellow handles on the main body. Above the mirror, it has a carrot nose.

[edit] Release Date

Europe: December 6th - December 12th 2010

[edit] Letter

Dear [Player's name],
This snowman vanity will
make your room as cool as
ice! Win more snowman
stuff by looking for
snowballs in December and
making your own snow pal!
From Snowman

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The reasoning as to why Nintendo released this as Downloadable Content was because it came out in the run up to Christmas.

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