Special Items (GCN)

Animal Crossing holds items that are weird, spooky, and golden. In this FAQ I am going to explain how to obtain these rare special items and what they do. So get ready to explore and learn more than you already know, and maybe even get some suprises along the way. Remember to try your hardest to get these items, since they are very valuable, and if you do things right, you will have access to all of them meaning you will enjoy AC much more. Ontop of that, it is always nice to show off to your friends.


[edit] Golden Items

In Animal Crossing there are four tools that may be hard to obtain, but are worth all the hard work. These four tools are the Golden Shovel, Golden Net, Golden Fishing Rod, and Golden Axe.

[edit] Golden Shovel

To obtain the wonderful golden shovel you will need two shovels on hand. While you are walking around your town you may encounter a shiny spot in the ground, dig up the spot and collect the money, then bury your other shovel into the hole. Once you do that then a little sprout will pop up from the ground. Once the tree grows it will be unique because it will be golden. Then shake the golden shovel from the tree, and you can use it for whatever you want to. When you dig with the golden shovel you may find random bells buried under the ground.

[edit] Golden Axe

If you visit the Wishing well everyday for 15 days straight and get a great rating for your town then you can expect a visit from Farley. To get these ratings then keep your town clean, organized, and well kept. If the Wishing Well tells you to cut down, or plant trees then do it.

[edit] Golden Fishing Pole

All pros need one of these, to obtain the rare golden fishing rod and get a super awesome weather vane on your home then read this. If you catch every fish in Animal Crossing and talk to any neighbor in your town, they will become shocked. Pretty soon after you leave your home Tortimer will appear outside your house, and will reward you with the exclusive golden fishing pole.

[edit] Golden Bug Net

The shiny golden net is hard to obtain, but once you have it you will be pleased. To obtain the golden net then just catch every bug in the whole game, then one day after you leave your home Tortimer will once again visit you. This time he will present you with the golden net and a nifty bug tag on the side of your home.

[edit] Special Items

In Animal Crossing there are three pieces of furniture that may be hard to obtain, but are worth all the hard work. These three items are the Lovely Phone, The Mouth of Truth, and the Aerobics Radio. Click one of the links for a description of these items.

[edit] Aerobics Radio

Do you like to keep fit, then the Aerobics Radio is the thing for you. If you attend mostly all of officer Coppers aerobics sessions in the summer/early fall, and get about 15 stamps in your stamp book, then you will get the radio. Place the radio in your home, and turn it on, with the "C" stick you will be able to do aerobic moves.

[edit] Lovely Phone

The beautiful lovely phone, a phone of wonders. I won't tell you how to get this phone, but if you face it and press the "A" button, then you will get a psychic on the line. The person will give you a tip to follow throught the day, you can keep getting tips by pressing the "A" button.

[edit] Mouth of Truth

This famous Roman landmark is full of mystical and legendary powers. I won't tell you how to obtain this object, but when you face this object and press the "A" button the you will get a surprise

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