Special Visitors (GCN)


[edit] Blanca

Appears: Random day
Summary: After you visit a friend's town often, on random occasions on the train you will meet a cat with no face named Blanca. She asks you to use your creativity and draw her a new face. Draw her a face any way you like it. After returning home from your friend's town, check around the acres. In one acre, you will find Blanca with the face that you drew her. If you talk to her she will tell you how she heard that you town was great so she decided to visit. Unfortunately, she doesn't give you anything, and only appears randomly, but it is always a treat to have visitors!

[edit] Chip


Appears: 6 AM to 6 PM during the Fishing Tournaments at the lake.
Summary: Chip is the beaver who runs the fishing tourneys that take place during June and November. The contest accepts small bass, bass, and large bass. Your fish is judged by Chip, and he determines it's score. If you set a new record, Chip will give you a prize. If you keep the highest score until the tourney ends, Chip will send you an even better prize. So try and nab the best fish you possibly can, and get that prize! Happy fishing!

[edit] Redd

Appears: All day on random days
Summary: Look in the mail for a letter or ask Copper in front of the police station to see if Redd is available. Crazy Redd is Animal Crossing's black market. His items are outrageously high priced, but sometimes these items are very rare. Other times these items can be bought at Nook's for a much lower price. Redd's items are all tradeable and may be also obtained from villagers in a treasure hunt or as a job reward. A list of items sold by Redd is below, along with their prices. For a list of Redd's items, see Redd's Items (GCN).

[edit] Franklin


Appears: 3 PM to 9 PM on the fourth Thursday of November
Summary: Franklin, a turkey, is invited to the Town Harvest Festival expecting to be an esteemed guest. However, he realizes he has been invited only to be eaten! After he runs, you must find him. He is hiding behind trees and buildings, so look for him in those places. When you find him, he will ask you to steal the silverware from the table at the Harvest Festival to prove you won't eat him. When you do, he will give you a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series. If you continue doing this, you can get the whole series.

[edit] Gracie

Appears: She appears at 6 AM on the specified date and stays in your town for 24 hours. Ask Copper in front of the police station.
Summary: Gracie, a clothes-designing giraffe, arrives in your town needing her car cleaned. If you decide to take on the task, you are given a handcloth and told to clean the car-- fast. You must press A rapidly to wipe the car. To be honest, it's pretty much impossible to do it with your hands, so use your imagination and find a way. If you do a bad job, you don't get anything, if you do a regular job, you get a shirt of the same quality, but if you do a very good job, then you receive a Gracie-designed shirt! You can see all of the possible shirts that you can receive by viewing Gracie's Rewards. Good luck washing Gracie's car, because you'll need it!

[edit] Gulliver

Appears: 6 AM to 12 AM once every week. There is no set day during the week in which he washes up on the shore.
Summary: Gulliver, a sea-faring bird, washes up on the beach once a week. If you find him, be sure to talk to him, because he has some cool stuff to give you! To see all the items he has to offer, look at the Gulliver Set.

[edit] Jack

Appears: 6 PM on October 31st to 1 AM November 1st.
Summary: On Halloween, everyone dresses up as Jack, but there is only one real Jack. You can tell who is the real Jack by testing to see if the trick-or-treater chases you. If they don't, then it's the real Jack. If you bought a piece of candy from Tom Nook during the month of October, then talk to Jack, and he'll trade you your candy for a rare piece of furniture from the Spooky Series. If you want more furniture, and you have more candy, then you can leave the acre and find him again to get more furniture. Happy trick-or-treating!

[edit] Jingle

Jingle visits your town on December 25

Appears: At 8 PM December 24 to 1 AM December 25.
Summary: Jingle, a wandering reindeer, appears on Christmas Eve, wandering around town. If you find him, talk to him, and he'll give you a piece of Jingle furniture. If you want more furniture, go out of sight (not a different acre) and then change your shirt. Talk to him again to get more furniture. After you get 10 pieces of furniture, you can't get anymore. Jingle furniture sells well and cannot be traded or re-ordered.

[edit] Joan

Appears: 6 AM to 12 PM every Sunday.
Summary: Joan shows up every Sunday and offers to sell you turnips. Prices in turnips vary from cheap to expensive. If you're a financial genius, you should be able to pull in a nice sum of money. Joan sells turnips in bundles of 10, 50, and 100. Now, once every four weeks, Tom Nook will buy turnips at a price that is 8 times the price that you bought the turnips for. This is a spike. If you get used to the Stalk Market, you can pull in up to one million bells, or even more!

[edit] Katrina

Appears: Ask Copper in front of the police station. If Katrina is supposed to be there that day, she should appear at 9 PM and will stay for 24 hours.
Summary: Katrina is a cat, who tells your character's fortune. Each fortune costs you 50 bells. A list of fortunes is below: Evil Omen: If you run while traveling around town, you will constantly trip. If you return later, you may get a different fortune. Good luck! You can also see Katrina for your fortune on New Years day. For a list of fortunes that she grants, see Fortunes (GCN).

[edit] K.K. Slider

Appears: To hear some of his music go to your near by train station between the hours of 8 P.M. and midnight on a Saturday evening.
Summary: K.K. Slider is a traveling musician. He has won the worlds heart with his beautiful music. Requests and dedications: When you meet up with K.K. Slider he will give you the option of either requesting a song or playing a song at random. To make a request, type the request in exactly as shown from a magazine or a guidebook. After he plays the song either requested or at random he will, give you a cassette of the song he just played. Then just go to your stereo and pop the song in. Congratulations you have your first song. There are also special songs which K.K. Slider thinks no one knows about. For a list of K.K. Slider songs, see K.K. Slider Songs (GCN).

[edit] Mr. Resetti & Don Resetti


Appears: After you reset/turn off the game without saving.
Summary: Mr. Resetti is a mole that will appear if you turn off/reset your game without saving. Once you get back on and the game loads back up, he will pop up out of the ground and give you a stern talking to. You don't get anything from him, or lose anything other than a minute of your time. Also, sometimes his brother, Don, will fill-in for him. Don isn't as hot headed as his brother, but he will still get the message across. Mr Resetti also makes a special appearance as the groundhog on February 2nd (Groundhog day) and predicts when winter will end in your Animal Crossing town.

[edit] Saharah

Appears: Ask Copper in front of the police station. On the specified date, she will arrive at 6 AM and stay in town for 24 hours.
Summary: Saharah, a camel, is an exotic carpet merchant. She has unlimited quantities of carpets, so you are able to get as many as you can afford. With every carpet you buy, the price is doubled. So, when you buy your first carpet, it's 3,000 bells, then 6,000, then 12,000, etc.. Once you reach 48,000 bells, the pricing starts over and begins at 3,000. For a list of carpets you can buy from Saharah, see Flooring (GCN).

[edit] Snowman

Appears: Ability to start building snowmen begins on December 25 and ends in mid-February.
Summary: To build a snowman, find two snowballs scattered around the town during winter, and roll them to get them bigger. Remember to always make the bottom snowball larger. Do not make the top snowball too large or too small though. If you need to make the snowball smaller, roll it in a patch of dirt. If the snowman likes how you built him, he will give you one of the pieces of furniture from the Snowman Series. If you put all of these furniture pieces together, you will see how much it lights up your home! Not to mention all the pieces are not only free, but fun to get.

[edit] Wendell


Appears: Ask Copper in front of the police station. Wendell arrives at 6am on the specified date and his visit ends after 24 hours.
Summary: Wendell, a wallpaper creating artist, who's also a walrus, arrives in your town with an empty stomach. If you get him a fish, he will give you one of his wallpapers. Although they are free, it's only one wallpaper per person, and he only brings 3 wallpapers. For a list of wallpapers, see Wallpaper (GCN).

[edit] Wisp

Appears: 12am to 4am at random spots and at random times in between 12am and 4am. He doesn't appear every night.
Summary: Wisp, the ghost, appears sometimes at night asking you to catch 5 spirits by 4 AM with your bug net and bring them to him. It's a good idea to start searching for him right at 12 AM. If you catch all the spirits, he gets rid of all the weeds in your town (good if you've been time-traveling a lot), paints your roof, or gives you an item. If you have lots of weeds, ask him to get rid of them, because Tom Nook can paint your roof himself. If you don't have weeds, I suggest you go for the item, because sometimes they are rare items such as Gulliver items and event items. He may also give you common items though.

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