Student Cap and Uniform

Student Cap and Uniform
PriceCap is said to be around 500 Bells.
Countries AvailableJapan

The Student Cap and Uniform are the sixth and seventh items to be released by Nintendo as Downloadable Content.

[edit] Appearance

At first look, the student uniform & cap look very similar to a police officer's attire. The uniform and the cap are both mostly filled with black. On the cap, it has a yellow star right on the front of it. The uniform matches the cap. It has four yellow buttons going down the shirt and a pocket with something white sticking out of it.

[edit] Release Date

Japan: April 4th - May 1st, 2009.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Chinese names of these items are gakusei-bou & gakusei-fuku.
  • The pattern's name will not change to English if an American or a European receives this.
  • Wendell will deliver the pattern before Pete delivers the hat.
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